About Me

Name: Martin Kauss
Born: 11110110011, Dortmund
Marital status: Married, 2 kids
What drives me: Building stuff that works, building robots, Raspberry Pi, speech controlled stuff, (smart) home control, machine learning, AI, tough challenges, coding
What I love: My family and friends, sailing, running and being active
Some milestones
1983: First development steps on an Apple II
1985: First database experience with dBaseIII and Clipper
1987: Secondary School Certificate
1991: Training industrial mechanic for the field machines and systems engineering (Mubea)
1993: CNC programming, 3/4 axles, Assembler and video game programming
1994: Alternative civilian service (DRK)
1996: Founder of Netline Internet Services GbR, Kauss & Zeppenfeld
1998: Founder of Netline Internet Service GmbH
Development of the Netline Application Server which was the underlying technology for shops, CRM systems, dynamic web pages and much more.
1999: Official IHK license for educating apprentices: IT specialist, application developer
2000: Building up and managing a (mostly development) team
2001: Development of an appliance product (Comfire), Compaq partnership
2002: Development of the Openexchange Server 5
Java, DB, Mail Servers, Firewall, Linux, Bash, SQL, Open Source, Javascript, HTML
2002: Technical project lead SuSe Linux Openexchange Server
2003: Deep stack integration
2004: Open sourced code base of the Open-Xchange Server
2005: Building up a technical partner community
Managing a technical community, system and service integration, removing blockers and working under rough conditions
2005: Founder of Open-Xchange Inc.
2006: Development of Open-Xchange Server 6
Transition from on-premise into a Saas/Cloud architecture
Product manager/key accounter for one of the world’s largest hosting provider in terms of Open-Xchange related products
Building large, scalable SaaS/Cloud solutions for millions of users, Agile Development, Test Driven Development
2007: Building up QA/IT department
2008: Planning, developing and engineering the software architecture foundation for the next generation of the Open-Xchange Server
2009: Partner development management, building an universal synchronization machine for Exchange Active Sync and Outlook
2010: Product management for a next generation HTML5 user interface
2011: Implementing a mobile strategy, product manager for mobile UI and clients
2012: Consulting and guiding in terms of technology, products and strategy in the hosting and telecommunication space
Consulting, partner management, prototyping, technology and architecture
2013: OpenOffice integration into Open-Xchange in terms of technology and vision
2014: Product management OX Drive, Backend, Windows, Mac OS and mobile clients
Working in very large and complex cloud projects, with highly distributed applications, cross-functional/distributed teams from the very first idea through all phases
2018: Finishing on-going projects, learning, continuing education and building the future
on a self-employed basis
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