Raspberry Pi powered pinball machine – The spinner

Building your own pinball machine is not only huge fun. For me it’s learning and experimenting. One can become extremely creative. A good example was today’s “building a spinner mounting support”. The spinner is an original part of a real pinball machine. I got it second hand from a pinball shop. My mission today was to mount it above the lane, add a micro switch and develop the logic around light, sound and scoring. With just a couple of brackets, a metal rail, screws, nuts, washers and a standard micro switch I’m really proud of the result:


And best of all: it works. Which is quite cool as the whole project becomes really complex as everyone can see by just looking at the current state of my wiring:


It looks really confusing and this is only the tip of the iceberg. But I have a fool-proof system that works for me. First of all I’ using a text file with all GPIO pin configurations. Next: all GPIO outgoing cables are tied to a well defined luster terminal input which is also documented. The text file also describes details which relay must be used. And most of the time I also label the wires. Most of the time means I tend to not label the wires until I lose the track 🙂

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