Raspberry Pi powered pinball machine – lights and sound

Adding light and sound effects is a huge difference when building a pinball machine. Even if I have currently only 3 triggers and two lights its quite fun to play around with the current state. I added a small effect class to the project to play any sounds one after another and to define simple light effects. This means blinking all around and because of a small random routine there is always some blink-blink action. Yeah, major improvement in terms of atmosphere.

The right flipper finger is not as strong as the left one and I’ve no idea why. Same resistors, resistance and pieces all around but noticeably weaker. Maybe something mechanically, will go ahead and ignore it for now. The next step is to define the places for more elements and the visual interface.

The source code is available if you are interested. I really enjoy Python as it makes stuff so much easier. I should add a video as just text or static images can’t express how cool this is. Stay tuned ’till the next milestone and have fun.

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